3 Reasons You Need Managed Print

Managed Print is a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to the increasing problem of office paper waste. The managed print industry has seen an increase in recent years as more and more companies turn to this green solution to reduce their carbon footprints. There are many reasons why you might want managed print services, but here are three reasons that will convince you!

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What is managed print?

Managed Print is a service that offers high-quality printer services for an affordable price. It allows businesses to control their printing costs while also having access to expert support should they need it.

Managed printing can significantly reduce your energy consumption by up to 85%! This means if your company prints 10,000 sheets per month, it would only need 850 kWh worth of electricity for the entire year. That’s pretty impressive considering if you were printing with traditional methods (without managed print), it would take almost 19,000 kWh worth of electricity to produce the same amount of paper.

The managed print has many advantages over traditional printing methods that businesses should take advantage of. Managed print offers a wide range of services including smart printer forecasting, device management, energy-saving features and more to help your business save money on its printing costs while still offering high-quality prints.

What are the three reasons why we need managed print?

1) Reduce paper use:   Managed Print Services allow companies and organisations the opportunity to reduce both ink and paper usage by monitoring how much of each item has been used in printers across all departments within the company or organisation. This not only helps cut down on expenses but can even save precious natural resources such as trees! If your business doesn’t currently have any sort of recycling program established then this is a great way to introduce one and will help contribute towards your companies green initiatives.

2) Increase security:   Managed Print Services also allow for an increase in printer security by ensuring that all printers are set up with the same username and password so that employees can log on from any computer or device within a company or organisation’s network. If you have confidential documents being printed via your managed print service then access to these files could be restricted even further using permissions settings- which can prevent unauthorised printing of important documentation such as contracts, invoices etc.

3) Improve efficiency:   PrinterLogic can maintain a record of every job sent through its system; helping employees find their printed documents quickly and easily across all devices. Without remote management capabilities like these, businesses are at risk of losing money due to lost or misplaced files as well as wasting time hunting down numerous printers within an organisation just so they can receive one document.

What are other contributions to your business?

When managed print service is implemented into the office workflow it allows for companies to reduce their overall cost per page by up to 40%. This can lead to significant savings in both time and budget which will allow your company’s IT team to focus on other areas instead of worrying about expensive printer repairs or replacements. You’ll also have access to 24/24 support from experts who are familiar with how each model works so they know exactly what needs to be done when you’re experiencing issues.

Managed Print is an important aspect of any office whether it’s large or small because the benefits are significant in terms of cost reduction but also time saved when trying to diagnose technical problems that arise due to printer malfunctions or user error which could end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for repairs down the road.

Additionally, managed print services will also provide your company with tools to more effectively manage assets and expenses while still reducing paper usage by 70% on average.

How does managed print work?

Managed Print is a service that enables organisations to access and manage their printers remotely, whether on-site or off. Via the cloud, Managed Print not only offers an accurate view of your printer fleet through comprehensive reporting but also allows you to be more proactive about issues before they become costly. 

With an account manager, we look after everything from network infrastructure to installation and maintenance of printers as well as managing software updates and security patches so that no time is wasted setting up printers.

– manage printers remotely

– account manager for printer fleet management and maintenance of printers.

– efficient workflow with proactive support from an account manager so no time wasted setting up printers.