5 Best Ways To Take Care Of Copiers

Speaking of investments, office equipment such as printers and copiers are no small costs. However, it is essential for the successful operations of an enterprise. To obtain the best return on investment an office could possibly have, appropriate maintenance and care is vital.   

More often than not, some copiers wear down because workload might not be suited to what the machine can take. If it breaks down on a regular basis, overuse might be the cause. Enticing advertisements about low price and discounts should not be the basis of whether you decide or not to buy a copier. In the future, costs of repairs, downfall on productivity will be a burden.

Some copiers are made for heavy duty work and functions better when utilized non-stop. When you over-buy such items, underusing it will be a problem. When a machine is under-utilized, copier maintenance costs would be a trouble in the future.

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Paper jam is one of the most prevailing issues when using office copiers and human error such as loading the wrong paper size is the cause of it. A few times, paper jam happens because of dust that have clogged the machine over time.

Issues like these can be avoided by being aware of how to properly load the paper into the machine as well as how to effectively clean it off through dusting. Take note, however, that frequent prevalence of such issues may lead to damage of the equipment and its internal parts. Repairs, no matter how small the issue is, will surely cost a fortune.

Maintaining the equipment at superior performance will not only lengthen its serviceable time but will also aid the office in terms of productivity. Explained below are tips in maintaining your office copiers.

1. Positioning matters. The equipment should be placed in areas away from possible dust sources because higher dust levels will clog up the machine. Also, it should be positioned away from areas that experience dramatic temperature changes like rain or sunlight. Remember that it also needs to be away from air conditioning units, heaters and the like.

2. Staff should always be reminded of how to properly use the copiers. Appropriate usage of the equipment will lengthen and strengthen the performance of the copier.

3. Timely and updated maintenance by your copier support should be scheduled. With this, office copiers will remain at its optimal performance.

4. Toner and ink cartridges should be replaced/changed when it’s empty. The “low-ink” indicator flashes when cartridges need to be replaced. However, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be filled immediately. You should wait until it is completely empty before refilling.  

5. Cleaning the equipment should be done regularly. This will keep the machine working effectively and efficiently. Dusting should be done on the machine and the glass as well. It is recommended to use a fine-haired brush while dusting the parts of your machine.

In reality, copiers are considered as a vital part of a hectic and busy workplace. It should not be neglected. Even if it’s copying by pieces or copying by bulk for a project, the equipment stands there when you just need it. Using it should be with the necessary care and regular maintenance. By doing so, not only you will lengthen its lifespan but you’ll also see minimal issues in the long run.

In the event that your copier breaks down and it needs a fix, it’s advisable to consult a copier maintenance professional in addressing the issue. It’s better to let the experts handle the copier than letting people who know nothing about the equipment tinker it.