6 Tips to consider when you’re ready to lease a copier

Whether you are a growing business or a start-up company, office technology is much of a necessity nowadays. Simply put, a copier is one very critical piece of equipment you need for the paper works in keeping your company in the right condition. 

Now that you have consolidated to finally lease a copier instead of buying one, there are some conditions you must be aware of. I’m sure you’ve come to realise there are advantages of leasing a copier than buying one, and one of them is that it is manageable in financial terms; since it offers lots of options to choose from, it conserves your money and it frees you from paying tax when structured right.

However, there are some things to consider when you’re officially leasing a copier. Saving these tips would save you lots of time and frustration since a copier is just simply a copying machine, but also for printing, scanning, and faxing. Choosing the best multi-function device, particularly for one like a copier, will benefit your business big time.

  1. Know the Capacity of the Copier Enough to Print your Monthly Printing Volume

Multi-Function Device (MFD) have capacities on how much it is capable to work for a day-long or how much it can print for a month. Of course, you have to be careful with the material that will be going through the copier you lease. Knowing the demands of your business work—how much you have to print and make use of the machine—will get you the best machine recommended just perfectly for a smooth workflow.

  1. Be Aware of the Color Output

For a heads-up, business colour machines like the copier you’re probably eyeing do not assure you any colour matching service as much as the quality you expect from a light production machine. 

Copiers indeed can produce a vivid and wonderful image the only thing is that it has its limitation. Again, it can save you a lot of time and money if you first check the demands you will be needed; if you only need to print internal documents and coloured images do not need colour matching, then you come to the right decision for leasing a copier. If you want to be more assured, you can request to run through the machine by bringing in job samples and papers before leasing it.

  1. Pay Extra Attention to Leasing Terms

There are also things to consider when choosing the right condition for your lease, and one most important is the environment the copier machine will be staying. In a work environment of many users, with a crowd-full and dusty space area, the recommendation perfect for this is around a 39- to the 48-month lease contract. Past this approximated time of almost 4 years would abuse the machine and would require it higher service needs. 

However, if you are to stick to the limit considering its quota and print volume per month, and the environment ensures a safe space (like a traditional office), the copier machine would save you troubles in the long run and you can lease it for about 60 months or 5 years at most. 

  1. Faster does not mean it’s better

You may get attracted to the features of a fast-producing machine that can handle large amount of papers going through, but sad to say in reality, a copier is not just for that kind of work. If you are looking for a technically-designed machine that handles papers larger than A4, you might rethink about leasing a copier. You better know the limit of the copier machine and how long its processes take so as to fit to your work demands before leasing it.

  1. What fits best?

A copier does not work solely as a copier today. So many multi-function device are innovated today to function differently in integration to meet up demands of such a busy work environment. If your priority is printing governance or intelligent scanning, you may have to rethink again what device and model you would have to need. 

  1. Choose the best company to lease

Of course, we don’t want to call a company for technical services and it will take them hours before getting there the showroom and fix your copier. If sudden emergencies arise, we want instant help, and that of some quality fixing assuring us that they know what to do. Choose the best company which can lend you the best tech support and a machine that barely needs one. You might look up their reviews or test-drive their machines before diving into the decision of leasing one. 

One advantage of leasing a multi-function device copier is that you would not have to wait to grow your business only to afford to buy one of these, leasing makes you produce quality and effective papers and meet high demands on the everyday hustle. Now that you have the idea of the 3 important things to consider, what are you waiting for? Call the leasing company now and grab this chance to start or level up your business! 

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