Konica Minolta PRO C500 Copier Common Issues and Its Solutions

Copier machines help business owners’ lives easier, but when an issue exists, the company’s productivity is also at stake. One common problem that you’ll encounter is on the copier’s toner. Luckily, with the Konica Minolta C500 copier, steps to fix it are easier. 

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Steps To Fix A Toner Problem Of Konica Minolta PRO C500 Copier 

  1. When you first approach the copier machine, you’ll see the main menu screen on the touchscreen control panel. In this panel, there are four options- copy, scan/fax, userbox, and utility. 
  2. You’ll notice too that there will pop up a phrase that says “select function to use,” and to get started, select the “copy” option. 
  3. After choosing the “copy” option, it will direct you to the main menu for copy mode. Then there will be a pop-up phrase saying, “ ready to copy.”
  4. If you select the ready to copy, and the toner is low, there will be a message saying, “toner is low.” But if it’s worse, like it’s at a critical level, a prompt message will be “replace the cartridge.” 
  5. To change the toner cartridge, access the panel of the copier. If the black toner cartridges are at a critical level, you can access the copier’s front panel. 
  6. In a Konica Minolta PRO C500 copier, to open the cartridge box, you need to fold down the access panel towards you. Then the four toner cartridges will be revealed.  
  7. When it’s opened, look for the black toner cartridge, and if you find it, hold the toner. To remove it, turn it in a clockwise direction until you hear a snap sound. It means that you already unlock the black toner cartridge from its housing, and then slide it out. 
  8. After removing the old toner cartridge, it’s time to put in the new toner cartridge. But before sliding it in, you need to ensure two things. First, line up the tabs near the handle to ensure you slide the cartridge in properly. The second is to remove the sticker from the cartridge to allow the toner to exit the cartridge. 
  9. When done with these two things, slide the toner cartridge properly into its housing. Turn back the handle to the right until you hear a snap sound. 

After you have fixed the low toner issue, don’t forget that you need to replace the recycle container too. As for the toner cartridge issue, there is a prompt message saying a replacement recycling container is needed. It is found just below the toner cartridge housing, which is locked with two blue tabs. Press it to release the container, get the old container, and set it aside. 

Then place the new container until the tab snaps and lock the container. After all these steps, you can now close the access panel and look at the touchscreen menu. A message of “ready to copy” will pop-up, and you’ll see that the toner is full. You can also find it on the upper-right hand corner of the machine. 

A Konica Minolta PRO C500 Copier Cost, Rental And Repair 

The PRO C500 is one of the latest additions of the Konica Minolta to their copier machine products. Since it’s one of the high-end copier machines, some start-up companies can’t afford to buy a new one. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $35,900, which is worth its price because of its features.

Another reason that a start-up company can’t afford to buy it is the repair cost. Yes, the manufacturer may have offered a service warranty from 1 – 3 years, but it isn’t enough. The service warranty covers only the copier machine’s repair, meaning the parts of the copier machine aren’t included. You still need to purchase the copier machines parts for replacement if ever. 

Like any other copier machines, the Konica Minolta PRO C500 is also up for copier rental/lease plan. And the copier rental cost will depend on its providers. 

Konica Minolta Pro C500 Copier Features

If you still don’t know the copier features of this model, check some of it below:

Flexible Paper Management Specifications

  • Whether the paper is thick, in a large format, or small, don’t worry because this copier machine can print on paper up to 256 g/m2 and on sizes between A6R to A3+ (330 x 487 mm). 
  • The printing area is expandable up to 318 x 478 mm. 
  • Mix media: White and color sheets from different trays. 
  • Mixplex: Single/duplex printing – switch during operations

Printing And Copying Specifications 

  • It has a high-end embedded print controller IP- 921, suitable for professional use and large files. 
  • It can print up to 51 A4 pages while 27 A3 pages per minute, whether in black or colored.
  • Even if you’re replacing a toner or a paper, you can still print your documents. 

Color Management Specifications

  • It offers top-quality color printing. 
  • There is color consistency from the first print up to the last print, no matter how large the print is. 
  • It has a special polymerized toner.  

Paper Handling Specifications

  • It can support up to 13″ x 19.2″, 110-lb.paper in any tray and up to 140-lb. index/coated stock from its bypass and Large Capacity Trays (LCT). 
  • Standard paper capacity of 1,750 sheets and a maximum capacity of 4,250 sheets.
  • It supports a scan-once, printing many technology options (Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-HDD, and Scan-to-Mailbox).

Image Controller And Software Options Specifications

  • IP-921 Embedded Fiery Image Controller, an Intel Pentium III 850MHz processor with a 256 MB of RAM, and a 40 GB hard drive. 
  • IP-901 Fiery Image Controller with 2 GHz processor, up to 512MB of standard memory, 60GB hard drive and optional production and graphic arts software packages   
  • Advanced finishing options, including multi-position stapling, saddle-stitch booklet-making, two and three-hole punching, trimming, and post-sheet insertion.

Benefits Of Buying Konica Minolta PRO C500 Copier

As to what others would refer to, the Konica Minolta PRO C500 Copier is perfect for a small or start-up business use. Some would also prefer that this copier machine is a bit large, that’s why you must ensure your company has enough space for this. But though it’s the case, the benefits you’ll get are worth the price and space. 

  1. It’s user- friendly because it has a touchscreen panel menu.  
  2. This copier machine has the simplest preset controls design, which is common and needed for printing jobs. 
  3. It allows users to print documents from iPhone, iPad, and Android.  
  4. Easy scanning or saving to email, FTP, USB, “scan to me,” and more. 
  5. It also has a custom setting, straight forward, and logical options. 

Common Problems With Konica Minolta Pro C500 Copier

Like any other high-end copier machine, a Konica Minolta PRO C500 also encounters problems. These problems are common to this specific copier but don’t worry because you can fix it in the office or call your machine’s technician. 

Wrinkled Pages

It is the most common problem that a Konica Minolta PRO C500 copier may encounter. It is caused by worn outfeed and feed rollers, which can cause jamming and sticking too. If you encounter this problem, you can refer to the copier’s manual or call a copier’s specialist to fix it. A wrinkled page is a sign that the copier machine is worn too much. 

We said that this copier machine is of high-end quality, but it’s not good if you abuse its worth. As its owner, you need to ensure that you let it rest, too, to continue serving you. 

Discolored Printing

Having this problem is frustrating, especially if you have lots of office work to do. But you shouldn’t worry because this problem is easy to solve. Discolored printing may be the cause of a wrong density setting. To avoid this, first check the settings in your machine and set it to the right color density. 

If you didn’t know where to find it, you could always refer to the copier’s manual for a step-by-step tutorial. Miscommunication is one cause of colored printing, too, especially if your colleagues set the copy options to a black and white default. 

Spots On The Copies

Who would want to have a document full of dots, right? Especially if you need it in colors. This problem is caused by some debris found in the copier machine’s glass and mirror. To avoid encountering this problem, before you copy any important documents, make sure to clean the copier’s glass and mirrors. 

For a better recommendation on what product to use, you can refer to its manual, and you’ll find steps on how to clean it properly. Whether you have a high-end copier machine or not, remember to give them a Tender, love, and care (TLC). And any copier machine should be given a TLC, so its purpose for your isn’t compromised too. 

Error Codes

It is one problem of a copier machine that can be avoided. To solve this, you should turn off the machine that uses both switches. Then turn off the sub-switch on its control panel, wait until the start button’s light turns off. Turn off the main switch, too, and wait for at least 20 seconds before turning on the main and sub-switch. 

If the error is still there upon starting the copier machine, it’s time to call a copier’s specialist to fix it.