Call A Professional Maintenance Service If Issues Happen in your Copier

There are many problems you may face when it comes to copiers. Some of these issues are easily mended and some simply require professional assistance. Copier lease Raleigh dealers make sure that their customers receive outstanding maintenance care for their copiers.

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However, not all copier leasing clients in Raleigh even know when they should call the maintenance. They tend to overestimate or underestimate problems with their machines that make their copier lease service contract a little useless at times. The good thing about copier leasing is that they have such accessible professional service, and it is time you are all informed about the following issues that require such:

Wrinkled Paper Output

Wrinkles in the paper do not seem much of a worry, do they? Yes, that may be true but only if it isn’t after a print session. If your paper appears wrinkled after it comes out of the output tray, then there is something wrong with your machine. It may be a simply resolved matter of worn out output tray that requires replacement. If that does not do it though, then it is time you call your professional repairman.

Worn out input/output feeds and exit rollers can cause crinkles in your printed-on paper. Also, it is advised that machines like copiers are not used in high humidity areas. This is because that also causes damages in fuser assemblies responsible for making sure your paper is not wrinkled during print.

Entire Page Smearing

When your toner smears, that is just absolute horror. When the smear looks like vomit all over the entire page of your printed document, then that is one indication that you have a damaged cartridge. It may be that the cartridge simply is broken or the toner just spilled right out causing such mess. Regardless of which among the two is the cause, it is not safe to find it out yourself. Do you want to be ambushed by a possible toner explosion? Don’t think so.

When this happens, do not hesitate to dial the contact number of your copier repair service. A professional technician will solve this problem instantly and properly. Do not try to do it yourself only to mess yourself up with the messed up toner or worsen the case of your already messed up situation.

Observe damage control. It may be a simple activity to just get in there and open that cartridge container. Still, if it is that easy to access, it could also be just as simple to break even more. Do you want to have your machine repaired for more than just one reason? Not all copier lease maintenance comes for free, so you need to consider things like this when dealing with copier anomalies.

Annoying Lines And Unnecessary Spots On Printed Documents

Ever experience printing documents that all look like they have watermarks of lines and just all-over-the-place spots? It may sound like a common printing issue that does not require much of your attention. Not all printers produce impeccable outputs anyway. However, it can be a sign of a more serious issue in your machine that needs a professional fix.

If you encounter this problem, check the copier glass. Clean it well, because sometimes when it is a little dirty, it causes those lines and spots to appear on your paper outputs. However, if it doesn’t work, then you can throw the whole dirt or something on the glass out of the window. It may now be some serious internal problem which you definitely need a professional to take an expert look at.