5 Tips To Protect Your Files

One of the most common issues today is data security. Over the years, larger businesses are usually faced with a lot of cyberattacks. In 2017, it was reported that 43% of these cyber-attacks were aimed at small enterprises. What is more alarming is that out of these small businesses that were attacked online, around 60% of them end up closing their business following the inevitable. These figures have eventually prompted developes to even push their product’s security features. 

There are a lot of ways that you can protect your business from potential security breaches. One practical approach to successfully securing your data is to have your printer equipped with security features. Thankfully, there are more innovations that you can look for when you purchase your next printer. 

Secure Printing

When your printing is not secured, you may come fact to face with a lot of risks. One often overlooked by business owners is their staff. There are employees who have the habit of sending files to the printers and carelessly leave these documents lying on the printer tray. This will give the other staff immediate access to any data and it is very risky, especially if your files are confidential. Ideally, go for printers with user authentication features. This will guarantee you that no files will be printed or released without inputting a user’s PIN into the copier. 

Data Clearing

A networked PC is an easy entry point for hackers. This is the reason why most of the small and medium businesses regularly clean their hard drives primarily to protect their data. The same goes with your MFPs that needs just the same protection and attention. When you plan to purchase a printer, go for the one that allows you to delete all stored and processed data that are no longer needed. It should also have sanitation algorithms and approved data clearing. 

Cloud to Device Automation

Another common practice among teams and employees that pose serious risks to your network is when they store or scan vital office information to personal or an unauthorized cloud application. There are printers that are made to help business enterprises to lessen these risks and instead, help their staff into working better by automating the right cloud to device workflows. With this printer security feature, users can access files easily in the cloud app safely and securely. 

Password Protection

Filing cabinets are visible in offices and if they are left carelessly unattended and unlocked, chances are, they can pose a security risk to your files. With the help of MFPs, instead of keeping hard copies of your files and storing them to filing cabinets which can be an eyesore, you can digitize and protect them with a password. Not only will you make it difficult for unauthorized people to access your files, you can also free a lot of space. In turn, you get to streamline your workload that will eventually result in better productivity. 

Activity Monitoring

When printers are not monitored, you can’t keep track of who is using them and how often they use the device. Because of information that passes through the device, you want to know who is using your printer. Multi-function printers can help you with this concern since they can monitor and audit trails. And because of their authentication feature, you can also restrict printer access if you need to. 

Whether you are into a small business like copier leasing, or you operate a large team of employees, it is also safe to practice caution at all times. Protect your files and documents by having the right printer security features. 

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