5 Signs It’s Time To Optimize Your Printer Fleet

If you use printers or copiers in your business, you’ll notice how much it costs for every printing or copying of documents. As a business owner, you want equipment that would help you in your business and help you save, whether it be in resources or money. Optimizing your printing fleet might be the one you’re looking for so you can start looking at how you can optimize your equipment. Here are some signs that your printing fleet is now in need of optimization, and you might want to start looking at how to do your printing fleet optimization.

Costs for Runaway Printing

When your print fleet is left unmanaged, it can lead to many wasteful expenses. You’ll only find these wasteful printing expenses once you review all the previous printing activities of your company. With this discovery, you’ll have to think of how you can improve your situation and how you’ll cut the cost to cope up with the wasteful expenses that went unnoticed previously. Once the equipment has been optimized, a workflow can be made, which will be necessary to prevent wasteful printing on any of your devices.

Environmental Footprint

Having a sustainable business and an increase of staffs’ efficiency is a very good thing that every business owner wants. But you still need to consider your business’s environmental footprint that business owners like you can help improve. You can start by using remanufactured toner. In this manner, you can help save money for your supplies. It could also help limit the emissions required in manufacturing new OEM products.

Streamlining of Documents Processings

Since there is an influx of employees working at home due to the pandemic, some of the workflows might have already been obsolete. Optimizing your printer fleet could help you save a lot for your business once it has been reviewed. You can also check how many devices are being overlooked in your company. These devices might not have been used as often as the other devices in your company. Having unused devices in your company would be a waste of money, so it is better to remove them so that you can save a lot for your company.

Equipment is Outdated

If your equipment has been with you for a few years and has undergone a lot of fixing due to many things breaking down, you might already need to consider buying new equipment. There is a lot of cost-efficient equipment that you might want to check out while you are considering replacing your equipment. New smaller printers have reduced the amount of ink required in printing and have less electrical usage while at work.

Fleet Security Risks

One of the most important features that a business is looking for in their equipment. Having great security for your equipment is a must to prevent information leaks or for uninvited risky things to invade your files while working. If your printer fleet is unmanaged and not properly maintained using proper and updated firmware, security breaches would always be a possibility as your business goes forward. If you are planning to optimize your printer fleet, you can implement a detailed security measure to keep your equipment and files safe from outside and inside breaches in your company.

Things written above are just some of why you should try optimizing your printer fleet. This may help you in the future if you have plans on cutting some costs for your company. So if you are interested in optimizing your equipment, you can look for a consultant near you for further assistance.

Printer Fleet Optimization

Optimizing means upgrading or even finding the right size of your equipment for your business needs.

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